by Lauren Corbett

Independent. I remember I told my mother a few years ago that I would be independent by 21 or 22. If not fully independent, then semi-independent. I somewhat believed what I said, but not completely. Little did I know, I was speaking it into existence. At 22, I signed a lease for my first apartment near my college. I've been living on my own for a little over a year now. Initially, I worried about how I would pay for it since I am only a student trainee at my job, but eventually everything worked out because I was still able to work while attending school. My mother offered to help pay for my expenses, but I was determined to pay for everything myself. While I appreciate my mother offering to help, I knew it was time for me to take on some responsibility. And the thing is... I wasn't afraid. I have never been afraid of getting older and taking on more responsibility or maybe I should say... "adulting." Yes, bills are a drag, but I like paying them because it shows that I worked hard to pay them. I wake up early in the morning to work, go to school, and then come back to study and complete my school assignments. This routine is draining at times and I get frustrated, but I love doing it because I know my hard work will pay off. 

Being independent has mostly been a positive experience for me, but sometimes I struggle living by myself. I am somewhat of an introvert, so I enjoy my alone time. However, when I am not preoccupied with work or school, I find myself getting very lonely. My boyfriend visits me on the days that he is off. Also, my mother visits me every other weekend and vice versa since we are only an hour away from each other. When they leave, I get a little sad, but I snap out of it after an hour or two. Other than them, I get an occasional text from other family members, but that's it. While it is easy to mope about being lonely, I can't do that because whose name is on the lease? Mine. Who is enrolled in college? Me. Who has to work? Me. Who has bills to pay? Me. Therefore, I don't have time to be sad.

In terms of money, the only time I ask for help is when my rent takes up all of my paycheck and I don't have any money from the last one left to pay for things like school parking, gas, or groceries. I've gotten so self-dependent that I hate asking for help, but I know that everyone needs assistance sometimes. I just enjoy working for it. 

Do you live by yourself? If so, let me know what you like and don't like about it. 

Side Note: Ignore those shoes next to me in the second and third pictures. Those aren't mine.... lol. 

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by Lauren Corbett

This post went completely left field from what I initially planned on writing, but I'll just go with the flow. 

Love. Love is such a strong word and people use it all the time yet when asked their definition of love, they either don't know or associate it with hearts, Valentine's Day, the colors red and pink, and etc. You hear pubescent middle schoolers say it loosely to their new boyfriend/girlfriend in the hallways, a married couple say it to each other when parting ways to go to work, individuals say it to each other to end a phone conversation, and so many other situations. There are different types of love too. Love between a wife and husband, boyfriend and girlfriend, parents and children, friends, God and his children, and others. But again, what is love? How can we define love? 

When I was younger, when asked my definition of love, I would say that it was an intense feeling that people had for one another. In my grandmother's house in the kitchen, there was a picture of hearts and within each heart was a sentence from a bible verse about the meaning of love. That bible verse was 1 Corinthians 13:4-7

4 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

At the time, I didn't fully understand it because I was so young, but I finally grasped the meaning as I got older and formed a relationship with a very caring man (pictured in this post). This may not be everyone's definition of love, but this is mine.

What is your definition of love? 


by Lauren Corbett

Travel. I have been wanting to do more of that lately. It is not that I dislike where I am from, but it is nice to have a change of scenery. It allows you to escape from reality for a moment and marvel at the beautiful world that God has created. 

Days are getting shorter; and the time to slay your warmer wardrobe is approaching. Although Fall is right around the corner, you just might want to take one last summer vacation, but you’re on a budget...what do you do?! 

This year, my boyfriend and I decided to take a trip to Myrtle Beach, SC for our last summer vacation. The tips below are what I have learned from planning this trip, and I hope they will help you plan your budget-friendly vacation as well.

1 – Driving vs. Flying.  Before my boyfriend and I chose to travel to Myrtle Beach, we wanted to go to Orlando, FL.  Unfortunately, that didn’t work out. And, it cost us quite a bit of cash. So, make sure you do not make the mistake of purchasing a non-refundable ticket! After licking our wounds, we both decided that we would go somewhere equally as nice, but closer.  The winner was Myrtle Beach! Our destination was only six hours away. That said, I suggest that if your destination is six hours or less away from your starting point, you should drive. Driving saves a lot of cash, you will avoid the headache of trying to get a refund for plane tickets, and you get to bond with bae!

2 – Member Discounts for Hotels. If you’re like me, then you want your hotel to be luxurious, yet inexpensive. Finding a hotel in Myrtle Beach was hard because those that were low in cost were undesirable. The décor was dated and there were horrible reviews from travelers on TripAdvisor. I continued searching for hotels on websites like Travelocity and Expedia until I remembered the benefits of being a member The National Society of Collegiate Scholars. Luckily, I found a beautiful resort (Doubletree Resort by Hilton Myrtle Beach Oceanfront) through their hotel finder search engine. The resort is right on the beach and almost every room has a balcony with an ocean view. Because I was a member of the honor society, I got a 60% discount off the original price of the resort. So, I encourage everyone to think about the honor societies or groups of which they are members and put those discount offers to use.



3 – Revamp Your Wardrobe.  Instead of spending tons of money on new clothes for the trip, it is best to search through your closet for your favorite pieces and revamp them. Initially, I wanted to get another swimsuit. I totally overlooked the one I am wearing in the picture -- just because it is a few years old. Then I thought, accessorizing it would give it a fresh look. Since it’s so late in the season, most of the swimwear in stores is out of stock. Then, I could not find a cover up. I decided to buy a breathable, lightweight poncho and cut along the hem of the neckline to create an off-the-shoulder look. To make my outfit “pop,” I chose to go with big hoop gold earrings and gold oversized sunglasses.

If you still want to buy new threads, I have a few options below that you can choose from that are similar to mine. 

Have a safe and happy Labor Day! 



by Lauren Corbett

Liberated. That's how I'm feeling mainly because this is my first blog post. I have been working on and overthinking about the execution and brand of this blog for more than two years. I am a perfectionist, so I was not going to launch this website until I thought it was perfect. However, I realized that the more time I spent making everything perfect, the more I would delay the launch. Also, I started analyzing every detail of the blog that I wasn't having fun anymore. I was worried about how my family, friends, professors, boyfriend's family, etc. would think about my outfits and information presented on the blog that it resulted in me almost not having a blog. Can you imagine if The Fashtorious L.A.C. did not exist?! That would be horrible. I am glad that I finally let go of my perfectionism and realized that I cannot please everyone. There will be some things on my website that people will disagree with or not like, but I cannot worry about that because I am being myself authentically and unapologetically -- I am Lauren Ashley Corbett aka The Fashtorious L.A.C. 

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